Dupe Alert! MAC Diamonds CCB and Benefit Watt’s Up!


I didn’t go too crazy for the MAC/Riri collections released in 2013, but one item I waited in line for online was the MAC Cream Colour Base in Diamonds. I love CCBs since they’re so beautiful and versatile. Diamonds is a pale amber champagne shade with light shimmer.

Benefit Watt’s Up is a highlighter I have from last year’s Sephora birthday perks. I pulled this out of my stash to get some use out of, and decided to compare the two to see if they matched up as dupes!


Diamonds is a cream in pan form, while Watt’s Up is in stick form. It is also a cream-to-powder formula, where Diamonds is not.

dupe5The colors do look very similar when next to each other. Watt’s Up is a little more metallic, and Diamonds appears a little darker.

Diamonds is on the left, and Watt’s Up is on the right. It’s hard to capture these two highlights on the skin because they are so close to my actual skin color. They are not *exactly* the same, but nobody is going to be able to tell the difference during wear. Watt’s Up is more metallic, while Diamonds has more shimmer and sparkle to it; the texture is a little gritty because of this, but nothing noticeable during wear.

As far as the actual color goes, they are both warm champagne shades. The main differences lie in the finish, which is still very subtle!

Watt’s Up and Diamonds are not exact dupes, but pretty close. If you missed out on Diamonds, I would give Watt’s Up a chance!


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