Huge Blush Haul


So…recently I seemed to have picked up A LOT of blush! It’s ridiculous really, so I figured why not do a blush haul post? Blush seems to have this mesmerizing thing going on. It just woos me from the pan…


Let’s start with MAC!

  • Pink Swoon (being discontinued)
  • Whole Lotta Love (being discontinued and HELLO- LED ZEPPELIN!)
  • Extra Dimension blush in Autoerotique
  • Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle

I am really loving Autoerotique. I don’t have a blush quite like this one. I love the texture too.

The two smaller blush pans in the photo are from Camera Ready Cosmetics, and are from the brand LaFemme. I’ve heard makeup artists talk about this brand and how pigmented the blushes are, and WOW they are right. These might be the most pigmented blushes I own. I chose the shades Indian Rose and Coral. Both textures are quite soft too. I only paid $3 per pan, too!

In the black container next to the LaFemme blushes is a cream blush from Ben Nye in the shade Dusty Rose. This is also super pigmented and highly blendable.


Finally, I ordered this Sleek palette, Sweet Cheeks. This is a limited edition blush palette from the Candy collection. I hate that there’s a cream mixed with two powders, but the colors are fantastic. I am a huge fan of Sleek’s Blush by 3 palettes and have two others. I would love to see Sleek make an all cream blush palette (does that exist?).

Holy cannoli, that is a lot of blush! I think I need to go on a blush ban, STAT! 😉 What are your favorite blushes?

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5 Responses to Huge Blush Haul

  1. Tina says:

    I’m drooling over here!!! Can you please do a makeup collection post??? I could just imagine how much makeup you have!!!

  2. those are gorgeous! especially for the extra dimension blush. i love it!

  3. Amy says:

    Sleek just released two new Blush by 3 palettes mid Jan. One of them was all cream, called CalifornIA. Seem to have a good review too. 🙂

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