Fitness Friday: More Winter Challenges


I feel like I’ve had so many posts about challenges lately, but this week is just no different. If you live in the Midwest, you have already experienced how crazy this winter has been. My challenge is that I basically live in a cornfield and we don’t have trees to protect our house from crazy winds that lead to snow drifts. To make a long sob story short, I was literally trapped in my house AGAIN for three days because I wasn’t strong enough to get the snow blower through the snow. The snow was up to my waist in our driveway. When my husband got home from his work trip, he had to actually cut the snow with a spade before snow blowing because it was packed so tightly!

This is a really long and drawn out explanation, but my point leads to this: it’s really hard to keep going when I can’t even get out of the house. Last weekend I joined a gym because I hate the treadmill, and they have a track. I had a really great run yesterday and am happy with my decision to sign up, but the weather is STILL cutting into my runs on days where I get stuck here. As long as I can get there for my LONG runs (last Sunday was 6 miles), I will be happy.

Still, I am trying. I have no choice now that I’m signed up for this half-marathon on my birthday in April. Even though I’ve been going through some rough times and struggles emotionally, I’m still plugging along and still doing it. 🙂

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