Bite Beauty Lip Layers Lipstick Set


After surviving the first week of my new job, I went to Sephora and treated myself to a few things, including this lip set from Bite Beauty. It is two lipsticks in one that can be layered or worn alone. This set was only $12, so I thought that was a great way to try the brand since I’ve heard so many rave reviews! Bite’s deal is that they make lipsticks with FDA food grade ingredients, for the event of ingesting lipsticks through wear. I thought that was pretty interesting!


The lipsticks come in a matte, rubberized tube. They are quite small too, each one just .07 ounces, where a full size is .13 ounces. Vidal is a raspberry pink shade, while Pomegranate is a bright red color.


These lipsticks are REALLY creamy and opaque. This is probably the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever applied. The finish has some shine to it as well. Pomegranate is “cherry red”, which is the perfect description for it. I really like how bright it is.


Vidal was my favorite of the two; it’s described as “raspberry pink”. Both of these lipsticks were prone to bleeding; I think this is due to the soft texture and possibly my lip shape, but nothing some lip liner won’t fix. These lippies are extremely moisturizing and feel really comfortable on my lips. I have dry lips, so that is appreciated! It doesn’t really have any sort of taste either.

The staying time is decent; I can wear these for about three to four hours before touching up.

I’m happy with the samples and will likely get a full-size lippie in the future once I find a color that I like. Of these two, I would definitely purchase Vidal again (both of these shades are in Bite’s permanent line).

Have you tried this brand? What do you think of it?

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