ELF Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Review!


Every once in awhile, I take a chance on an ELF eyeshadow, especially if it’s something new from the line that I haven’t seen before. While these Long-Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadows aren’t new anymore, they were new to me when I purchased this one. In typical fashion, I bought just one shade in case I didn’t like it, and that shade is Gala, a shimmery brown color.

elf2These shadows have an interesting consistency. They have a light and airy bouncy texture that is very similar to the Buxom Stay-There eye shadows, if not the same. Although ELF describes these shadows as being “whipped”, they are definitely not and have more of a sponge type texture.

elf4One thing I noticed with this is that while the swatch is very pigmented, this tends to blend away on the lids because it is slippery, so if you want a lot of color, apply slowly to pack on the color more. This is also a highly shimmery shadow, so if you don’t like shimmer, this is not for you! I love shimmer and like to combine this with other shades by putting powder shadow on top.

ELF6Wearing Gala on the lids

True to its name, this IS long wearing. I used a primer, and didn’t experience much fading throughout the day.

I might pick up another shade in the future and believe these are worth a try. I just wish I could find these in stores instead of having to order them online!

Have you tried these shadows? What do you think of them?

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