Fitness Friday: 44 Days to Go!


Um…I’m running a half marathon in 44 DAYS. Is it time to freak out yet? I can’t lie, I am freaking out a little bit. I am doing well with my increasing mileage schedule, but I have some big events coming up that have the potential to make things tricky. My main goal is to stick with my long runs. Right now I’m up to 8 miles, so I only have to add 5 more miles!

The long run days are challenging, because I’m still running indoors at a very small track. The lighting isn’t great and the air is really dry. The floor is VERY hard; it feels harder than pavement to me. It’s still 20 below outside, so I don’t really have any other options. Plus, it’s icy out and just not safe. It’s hard to keep my brain in it sometimes, but every time I want to quit, I just imagine myself crossing the finish line… in 44 days. Okay, I’m going to freak out now.

It’s hard to believe that seven months have gone by since I started writing these Fitness Friday posts. Seven months ago I couldn’t even run a mile. I never in a million years thought I would be here. 🙂

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