MAC Phloof! Eyeshadow


I’ve finally put my every day MAC palette together, and have been keeping it on my vanity to get more use out of it. One of the shades I’ve been reaching for constantly if Phloof! Isn’t that the cutest name? This is described as “frosted off-white” by MAC, and it is definitely a frost. I like to use this as a highlighter.

phloof!2Phloof! is a great highlighting shade. I have been wearing this on the inner corners of my eyes a lot lately, which has been a real hit with my husband. He usually compliments my makeup, but I notice that every time I wear Phloof! he pauses a bit to look at my eyes and then says that I look nice. Over the course of the week, the one day I didn’t use Phloof! because I was in super natural makeup mode, he didn’t have the same reaction. 🙂

This shade goes nicely with everything, but I have been using it with purple and green shades lately.

The texture of this shadow is wonderfully soft, and it is easy to pick up with a brush. It is very pigmented, so if you’re going to use this as a brow bone highlight, work slowly and start by tapping your brush lightly into the pan.


I’m wearing Phloof! here, but it isn’t popping as much as it does in person. MAC eye shadows are $15 for one pot, or $10 for the pro pan. I always get the pans and put them in palettes, unless I find them at a CCO. Phloof is worth checking out! 🙂

What are your favorite MAC shadows or highlight shades?

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2 Responses to MAC Phloof! Eyeshadow

  1. That is a very pretty colour!

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