Fitness Friday: Dealing With Injury and BAD TIMING!

Hello! I hope you’re having a great day and are ready for the weekend! I have been SO busy lately and haven’t written any Fitness Friday posts in a couple weeks. Last week I was recovering from my whirlwind NYC trip. There’s officially LESS than one month until my first half marathon. Unfortunately, I’ve spent this week dealing with a weird foot injury.

Last Sunday, I went on my long run, which was terrible. It was 9.5 miles, but when I turned around to go home, the weather really hit me. It was cold, horribly windy, and my left foot was on fire. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run home, so it took forever. I didn’t have my phone, so I couldn’t call my husband to pick me up (lesson learned). I hobbled home in pain and limped around for a couple days.

Fast forward to yesterday: I went for a practice run at the gym to see how my foot fared. I wrapped it up first, but it was much better without the wrap. 😦 I only went a little over a mile and stopped a few times to make some adjustments to my shoes/wrap. Finally, I got fed up with the wrap and was happy to discover that I could run without pain.

It’s still hurting when I walk around without shoes, so I’ve been wearing shoes in the house (which I hate doing). I have very flat feet, so it doesn’t surprise me that it feels better with shoes on. The pain is on the outside border of my foot, and mostly mid-foot. It doesn’t seem like a bone issue- it feels more like a muscle cramp. I’ve been icing it, rolling it, and resting as much as possible, which is not easy! This weekend will be the real test: I’m running THREE races. Hopefully I can complete them…I’ll see how I feel after tomorrow’s race.

Anyway, this is really bad timing for this injury, since this is the prime time I should be getting long runs in. I guess I will just have to be careful and see how it goes!

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