Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls Cream Review!


Sometimes the beauty world seems a bit unfair to us wavy-haired peeps. There are products galore to get straight hair, enhance curls, combat frizz, etc. etc…and then there’s people like me who basically need perfect conditions to get the best looking waves. Believe it or not, wavy hair has a lot of challenges! Brushing out waves often just makes hair look messier, but then when I don’t brush them out, it still looks messy. I’m always walking the fine line of bed head, rat’s nest, and just giving up and blow drying it straight. Funnily enough, my waves look the best after spending 30 minutes running in slightly rainy weather.

I am trying not to use heat on my hair, but when I don’t, something needs to be done to aid in its natural state. Enter Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls Cream! WOW- First of all, this smells AMAZING, and yes, it does leave my hair soft and conditioned.



I’ve been pleased with the outcome of this hair product so far. Combined with the coconut shampoo and conditioner, it is even better! I know I’m always raving about Desert Essence, but they have yet to disappoint me. 🙂 Instead of being left with flat, messy hair, the hair cream added a little lift. It doesn’t look or feel greasy or crispy; not to mention it is vegan, wheat, gluten, and silicone free! Yay!

I highly recommend this if you have wavy hair, as it works well for me. Curls are a whole other world, but since it is meant for curls, it is likely worth a try. 🙂

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3 Responses to Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls Cream Review!

  1. Kate says:

    I have a friend that has a salon and recommended that I should use coconut oil for my hair. What do you thing about it ?
    Thanks !

    Love Kate :*

    • MelissaC says:

      Hi Kate!

      I use it for my hair, especially on the ends. Plus, you can make hair masks out of it. It’s really great for moisturizing!

  2. Anu Singh says:

    yaa..coconut is very healthy for hair and so their products

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