Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream in Velvet Rose


Essence has a fairly new lip product called Stay Matt lip creams. There are four shades, and I have the shade “Velvet Rose.” These are super affordable at just $3 in the US; I find this brand at Ulta.

matte2If you’re in the market for a seriously pigmented matte lip cream that is at a crazy budgeted price, this is the lip cream for you. I can’t believe how rich this little product is! One swipe is all you need, and it’s so pigmented that it is definitely easy to go overboard. You won’t be running this one back and forth like you might with a standard gloss; maybe for evening out the product, but not for adding more.

This lip cream is scented. It has a very sweet, yummy cupcake type scent. If you hate sweet scents like this, it does disappear quickly.


I recommend exfoliating and moisturizing before wearing this lip cream, because although it has a smooth finish, it is matte, which tends to cling. Although it is fairly long lasting, keep an eye on it, because when it does start to wear off, it is obvious. Also, despite being a matte, it isn’t drying, which is nice.

If you like this kind of product, I think it’s worth checking out at this price point! I would like to pick up another shade.

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