March 2014 Starlooks Starbox!


The March Starlooks Starbox was curated by a YouTube vlogger, Ashley Hackman. To be honest, I have no idea who she is, and I didn’t find anything in my search, so if anyone has a link, that would be great! The box is gorgeous, fitting with the red and black theme.

This month I received three items.


The box includes:

-Lipstick in Boss (red/orange)
-Lip liner in Cherry Cedar (burgundy red, matte)-Black Hole gel eyeliner pot (black)


Boss- LOVE this color!

starlooks3Cherry Cedar, Boss

I heard some rumblings that this box was going to be a dud, but I am thrilled with it! I ran out of my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, so I don’t currently have a black gel liner.

The lipstick I wore right away and LOVE it. It is very long lasting even without the lip liner, doesn’t bleed, and is a great combination of red and orange.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this subscription service so far!

Starlooks Starbox is $15 per month + $2.50 shipping. It ships at the end of the month and you can refer friends like other subscription boxes. Click HERE for my link! Or, visit their regular website:

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