Milani XL Bronzer in Fake Tan


Milani All Over Glow Bronzer in Fake Tan is a HUGE bronzer! It contains .42 ounces, or 12 grams of product. This is about the size of my hand. I actually purchased this on a recommendation from my sister. She loves this stuff and buys it every time she is in town, because they don’t carry Milani where she lives.


This bronzer has two shades: a medium matte brown, and lighter, warmer shade with a hint of gold sparkle. The texture of this bronzer is great. I didn’t know what to expect since the pan is so big, and it’s not very expensive- I paid $9 for it. It is very soft and is easily picked up with a standard bronzer brush.

milani4Left side, right side, mixed

There are several things I like about this bronzer. The size of it is amazing, but the quality is still good. It is very pigmented, and will suit several skin tones since there is the opportunity to create three shades. I think I actually like the shade where they are mixed the best! This bronzer is easy to blend and provides a nice glow; it isn’t super orange, and the texture is soft. The right side of the pan is a touch orange, but since it can be mixed, I don’t find an issue with it. If you’re really fair, it might be something to make note of.

If you are looking for something where you’ll really get a big bang for your buck, this is it!

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