MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush


The MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush is designed to work with both cream and powder shadows; its expertise being defining and shaping the eye. It’s fantastic for smoking out shadows, blending harsh lines, and packing on difficult colors. It is also a great choice for highlighting the brow bone when you want to really concentrate the color, but not have to work too hard.


The 215 is made of natural fibers and it has short, dense bristles. I particularly like this brush for use with pigments and powders that are prone to fallout, or with MAC’s pressed pigments. Because the bristles are stiff, this brush offers a lot of control, which is useful for being precise with application.

The handle is thicker than other MAC eye brushes, but that doesn’t impact the performance of it.The 215 is a major workhorse and I really love this brush! Some have reported this brush is scratchy, but mine is not; since MAC brushes are hand-cut and made, it likely varies between brushes. I recommend checking it out at a MAC counter if you can, to see how it feels on your skin.


This brush was originally touted as being limited edition at MAC, but it is still available, so I’m not sure what the status is. It retails for $25 and is available on MAC’s website, which is where I purchased mine from some time ago. 🙂

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