NARS Olympia Contour Blush


NARS has done it again with another stellar spring release! I was really excited about the new contour and blush palettes ($42), but had no idea what shade to get, debating between Olympia and Paloma. Eventually, I settled on Olympia.


A duo of contouring blush shades to create natural-looking dimension for the face with a lightweight luminous finish. A deeper shade enhances definition while a lighter shade illuminates the high points of the face.


I settled on the Olympia palette, which is the lightest one. The highlight in this palette is almost white, but not quite; it’s a very bright beige, and matte. The contour shade is a light-medium brown pink. It’s lighter than Douceur blush (my HG blush), and not as brown. This is packaged just like the NARS bronzers- it has a large mirror and sleek packaging.


Highlight, Contour

The contour shade is finely milled and SO smooth. I love the texture of it! I do find this a bit light and need to build it up on my skin to get it to show up. I really love this as a blush though. It’s super natural looking and totally my kind of color, the type that’s in the Douceur/Tarte Exposed/MAC The Perfect Cheek family.


Pans in indoor lighting

The highlight is beautiful; most of my highlights are shimmery, so I appreciate having a matte highlight.

I love this palette and think it is well-made and gorgeous. The blush shade is a little light for my skin, but as mentioned, I can build it up for some color (not always a bad thing). I don’t think I see myself using this as a sculpting contour on my nose or other parts of the face, but as a contouring blush, how it is meant to be used, yes, absolutely.

I’m in love!

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2 Responses to NARS Olympia Contour Blush

  1. Nikki says:

    I’m going for Paloma. I think Olympia is too light for me.

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