Essential Tools Ultimate Hi-Def Brush Set


One of the BEST things about loving the beauty world is finding random drugstore treasures, and these brushes by Essential Tools are just that! This is called the Ultimate Hi-Def Brush set, and the entire kit retails for $11 and some change at Wal-Mart. I hardly ever go there, but Wal-Mart is the only place that sells the type of cat litter we use (I know, so random to this post), so every once in awhile I scope out Hard Candy and makeup brushes while picking it up.

ET1This set comes with four brushes, and a really ugly mesh pouch to keep them in (I didn’t keep it, but hey, it’s useful).

  • Contoured cheek brush
  • Mini powder brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Foundation brush

The bristles are synthetic, and the handles are very lightweight. These bristles are incredible soft; they actually feel just like the ones on my It Cosmetics brushes!



As far as performance, these brushes are awesome! I have no complaints at all! They blend like a DREAM. I love the angled contour brush for blush. Actually, one day I was trying to blend my blush and the brush I was using just didn’t give an even finish. I switched to the angled contour brush from this set and just swept it across my cheeks a couple times, and BAM! It blended perfectly.

I’ve even used the smallest brush in this set to work on my eyeshadow. It’s a little big for that, but when held right, it works nicely in the crease for blending.

I definitely recommend picking up this set if you see it!

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