MAC Toying Around Lipstick (Amplified)


MAC recently released their Playland collection, and I picked up one thing: Toying Around lipstick. It is described as “hot coral pink.” This lipstick is an amplified formula; highly pigmented and long wearing for me. I loved the description of this lipstick, but saw many swatches that looked nearly red. I think that because this color is so bright, it can be difficult to photograph properly. It should also be noted that instead of $15, MAC has upped their lipstick prices to $16.


Toying Around goes on smoothly and is comfortable to wear. I didn’t find it drying, and I tend to have dry lips. I recommend using a lip primer before wearing if your lips are dry like mine, or just a lip balm for the best application.


TA5Toying Around, Revlon Unapologetic, Maybelline Shocking Coral, Maybelline Vivid Rose, Flower Red-dy to Bloom

Surprisingly, I don’t have any dupes for Toying Around. It is brighter and more pink than the shades swatched; the others have more red to them. Of the swatches above, it is closest to Maybelline Shocking Coral from the Vivids collection.



I really like this shade! I’m so glad that I wasn’t disappointed with it after seeing so many different types of swatches. This is really a color to see in person if you can. It is currently sold out on MAC’s website, but it should be popping up at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and other retailers, both online and at counters.

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2 Responses to MAC Toying Around Lipstick (Amplified)

  1. budziak says:

    Pretty! I really like this one, although I’ll probably end up getting the Maybelline dupe. It looks great on you, not to pink, not too red.

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