Maybelline Bleached Neon Collection Picks!


Maybelline’s Summer 2014 Bleached Neons collection is yet again more proof that their best products are usually limited edition. WHY, Maybelline? WHY? I spotted this collection at Walgreens, and it is a beauty if you love summer collections like I do. There are Color Tattoos, bronzers, Master Drama Chromatics eye pencils, glosses, Color Whispers, mascaras, blush sticks, and nail polishes. I was a little disappointed in the performance of last summer’s Color Tattoos, so I skipped them. I was the MOST excited about the bronzers!


For now, I picked up four items:

  • Master Drama Chromatic pencil in Turn on the Teal
  • Master Bronze bronzer in Paradise Bronze
  • Color Elixer in Orange Aglow
  • Nail polish in Day Glow Teal


Paradise Bronze is the darkest bronzer of the bunch, and it’s matte. It is very soft and pigmented, which is a pleasant surprise! The drugstore lacks in good bronzers (in my humble opinion) now that Revlon Bronzed and Chic is gone, so it’s nice to see this. Unfortunately, the packaging does say limited edition on it, so it isn’t permanent.

In swatching the Master Drama Chromatics pencil is VERY pigmented and creamy. I hope it performs the same way on the eyes!


There are many Color Elixers, but Orange Aglow is the one that really caught my attention. I think this will look especially pretty layered with other colors.

I definitely plan on getting more of the nail polishes, but will probably save getting anything else from this collection for when it gets to Meijer stores. My top pick right now is definitely the bronzer!

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