NARS Matte Multiples in Laos & Exumas


NARS has been my favorite brand for new makeup releases this spring. I was really excited about the new matte multiples. I ended up getting two: Exumas and Laos. These are designed to work as both blush and a lip product, but I usually wear them just as blush.

Exumas is described as “pink apricot”. I find this color to be quite coral with a slight hint of pink- enough to make it not wander into flat-out orange territory.

Laos is described as “rose coral”. This is a great description; it’s definitely a bright pink, but with just a hint of dustiness to tone it down. Christine from Temptalia called this one the best of the entire release (which I found out after my purchase!).


Exumas, Laos

Both multiples have velvety soft texture. They are VERY pigmented and easy to blend. I just dot a bit on my cheeks and blend with a blush brush.

I find both multiples very long-lasting and they’re easy to layer with a powder on top, although they look great all on their own. I’ve seen a lot of people frustrated that they are the same price as the other multiples, but with less product. In my experience with NARS multiples, these are WAY more pigmented, so a lot less product is needed. The other multiples are more sheer and need to be built up for the pigmentation that the mattes deliver.

If I had to pick one of these two shades, I would choose Laos, though it is a close race! 🙂 I love these matte multiples and think they are better than the shimmery ones (even though I love those as well). I find that these last longer on my skin and the color is very easy to work with. Some cream blushes are hard to blend properly, but these take the guesswork out of it and they don’t stain before you can finish blending.

NARS multiples are $39. Every so often Nordstrom has a sale on NARS, so it is worth checking now and again if you want a slight discount. 🙂

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