Physicians Formula Bombshell Collection- Blush & Bronzer in Brunette


Earlier this year, Physicians Formula released a huge collection of new products, including a “Bombshell” collection that includes blush and bronzer for “blondes” and “brunettes”. The packaging is really cute (hello…it’s hot pink!), and I loved the blush color, so I picked these up during a crazy drugstore sale. The idea behind the Bombshell collection is that the colors complement your hair color.


Both products have a nice and smooth texture. The bronzer has a very slight grit to it due to some shimmer, but nothing outrageous or scratchy on the skin. The bronzer has different hues of brown and beige, and includes some pink. This would be a great bronzer for those with very fair skin. For me, this just isn’t dark enough; it barely shows up on me. I might start using it as a subtle highlight instead.


I LOVE the blush. LOVE! This is so pretty, pigmented, long-wearing…I could go on. The color is just beautiful- it’s pink with a hint- just a subtle hint- of peach. It is buildable and easy to blend. This is just a perfect blush and definitely worth picking up!


I think these are great releases from Physicians Formula, but do wish they would come out with shades for redheads as well, just for some more variety. Physicians Formula seems to always come out with great products, and then only release them in a couple of shades.

Of the two, my pick is definitely the blush! Have you tried these yet? What do you think of them?

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