April 2014 Favorites!


I feel like I have so many favorites this month! I just really enjoyed makeup in April. I used a lot of staples and a few new things as well. 🙂 Let’s jump into it!

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette– I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. This is the HG, desert island palette in my life.

EcoTools Flawless Finish brush set– This is a fab little set! My brushes, well, let’s just say they needed a bath for a LONG time. I decided to grab this little set for the time being and forgot how much I liked it.

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream– I already reviewed this, but I’m still loving it, especially on natural makeup days. I also wear this when I run because it is gentle, moisturizing and SPF all in one shot, which I appreciate!

MAC Matchmaster foundation– This is one of my favorite foundations of all time. I wear shade 2.0. It is super long-lasting and has medium coverage. It really does adjust to your skin tone, too!


Royal & Langnickel Revolution BX-90 Crease Brush– This is a fab crease brush! I wondered how it would perform since the bristles are on the long side, but the bristles are dense and it fits into the crease perfectly.

Sonia Kashuk ‘Make a Face’ Duo-Fiber Brush– I just purchased a new Sonia Kashuk brush set, and I love them. The duo-fiber brush is perfect for highlighter and blush!


Bourjois Bronzing Powder– Wow, the masses were right! This is an awesome bronzer! It is so soft and natural, blends fantastically, and smells amazing. I picked this up on my trip to Montreal and adore it.

Jouer Eyeshadow in Pecan– This is kind of a random favorite. It’s just a plain, light & toasty brown transition shade, but it is perfect as an all over lid shade for light makeup days.


Smashbox Topaz Cream Shadow- Another MAJOR obsession here! This is a shimmery taupe beige cream shadow, and it has fantastic staying power. See how much I’ve used already? I’ve only had this for a month and have been reaching for it daily!

Bobbi Brown Beach perfume– Words to my husband about this perfume: “I feel like I found my soul mate!” I probably totally insulted him 😉 (hee hee, sorry honey), but no, really…this is “the ONE” for me. WHY did I not get this sooner? Oh, and my little sample is in the photo, but I did get the full bottle. 😀


Time for more MAC…

MAC CC Powder in Illuminate– This is a brightening lavender powder. I can’t stand when things that “brighten” are super obvious. I prefer something more subtle, and this fits the bill. It brightens without being too over the top.

MAC Sun Dipped Prolongwear Bronzer– Yes, another bronzer. I love this stuff. It’s so soft and easy to blend. I’m trying to hit pan on it so I’ve been using it a lot. There is a big dip in it!

MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish– This is the new Perfect Topping, not the original. I adore the texture of it and it has a nice sheen. It isn’t glittery or chunky; the formula has definitely improved (even though I liked it before).

I would love to hear your favorites! Please share or link yours in the comments! 🙂

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4 Responses to April 2014 Favorites!

  1. Meghan says:

    That Smashbox Topaz Cream Shadow looks GORGEOUS!!! Do you find you get much creasing with it??
    Great post!



  2. budziak says:

    I love that bronzer too (I actually have 2 of them, haha, it doesn’t make sense). I’m jealous of your crease brush, I bought a R&L crease brush too but it was part of the Silk line and I’m worried mine is starting to lose it’s shape, any ideas on how to keep it from fraying? I think out of all my palettes, I would have to have TheBalm’s Nude’Tude, I love the sparkly pink shades in that one to pair with neutral browns, the original Naked palette is a close second though. Your feelings on Bobbi Brown Beach perfume is exactly how I feel about Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia. Hahaha. Nice favorites – mine are: Anastasia Dipbrow, the new L’Oreal Liquid Lipstick in Blushing Harmony annnnnd Redken’s Diamond Oil line of hair care. 🙂

    • MelissaC says:

      Thanks for sharing! I have one of the L’Oreal liquid lipsticks (Nude Ballet I think?) and really like it! If your brush is losing shape, have you tried using Brush Guards? I usually put those on my favorite brushes after washing them. 🙂

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