My Top Six ELF Studio Brushes


*Raises hand* – I confess, I am a makeup brush junkie. I love brushes. I love how they look, I love testing them out, I love comparing them against each other and experimenting with new shapes. I love finding brushes that are holy grails to me, both high and low end. It’s no secret that ELF makes very affordable and popular brushes, but I thought I would share my favorites, the ones that have proved durable time and time again.


My oldest ELF brush is the kabuki brush. This was the first one I ever purchased, and it has held up wonderfully. I’ve washed this many times and it has held up just fine without shedding. The bristles are very soft, and it blends all kinds of products well. I prefer it for bronzer and powder, but I also like it for applying sprays like Urban Decay De-Slick on my skin before applying foundation. This brush is $6 and worth every cent!


The ELF stippling brush quickly became a cult classic for applying cream and bouncy mousse blushes and highlighters. Mine looks a little different here because it’s from a stippling travel set by ELF (review pending!), but the regular $3 one just has a different handle. I think this is a great brush, but I have to admit I’m already on my second brush because the top fell off of the other one. Still, for the price tag it is perfect for applying creams.


The ELF contour brush is definitely underrated. It’s a small brush, but I like it for contouring with creams because it is precise. It also makes a decent crease brush because it is so small.


The flawless concealer brush is the perfect size for setting under eye concealer powder. It has a rounded dome top and is very soft. I don’t use this for liquid concealer, but I love it with powders, like Bare Minerals.



The eyeshadow “C” brush is, in my opinion, the most underrated ELF brush out there. This brush is amazing! It packs on shadow about ten million times better than the $1 shadow brush, and it’s easy to clean. It doesn’t shed or bleed. This would be a great brush for someone who is the “swipe and go” type of makeup wearer. It also works nicely for cream shadows. Try this brush!


Lastly, we have the ELF flat-top foundation brush. This is probably the most famous ELF brush, as it is very good for buffing out foundation. This works well with liquid and powder foundation, but I prefer it for liquids.

My favorite brush of this bunch is the “C” eyeshadow brush, followed by the kabuki brush. If you don’t want to invest much in brushes or are just getting started with makeup, ELF does make some good brushes and the price can’t be beat. With the exception of the $6 kabuki, all of these are $3 and from the ELF Studio line.

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4 Responses to My Top Six ELF Studio Brushes

  1. budziak says:

    I don’t use my ELF brushes as often as other brushes buuut I do have some favs too! While I love my stippling brush, it sheds like crazy when I wash it :-/ Maybe I got a dud, I’m extra careful with it now. I’m with you on the contouring brush, it’s great for precision crease color application. I’ve been using the small angled brush for brows (dip brow pomade all the way!) and I use the small smudge brush/precision brush interchangeably to smudge powder liner on my top lash line and bottom third corner of my lower lash line. Occasionally, I’ll use the blush brush for contouring, before blending it out.

    • MelissaC says:

      I don’t use my ELF brushes as often as my others either, so the ones I love, I REALLY love! That sucks about your stippling brush! I haven’t had any shedding issues with it.

  2. tashasface says:

    I have the eyeshadow “C” brush and it has to be one of the best brushes I have ever used! Great post, maybe I’ll try some of the others you have recommended.

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