Sonia Kashuk “Make a Face” Brush Set


One of my local Targets recently completely revamped their beauty aisles for the better, and the new Sonia Kashuk brush line was included in that update! I had absolutely no willpower and ended up grabbing the limited edition Completely Compact brush set, a new makeup bag, and this brush set, the Make a Face set.

This brush set retails for $25 and comes with four brushes:

  • Fluffy powder brush
  • Flat-top brush
  • Duo-fiber brush
  • Flat-top sculpting brush

Can we just drool over these vintage-inspired colors? Aqua, black, and gold, with floral detailing? I just can’t handle how pretty they are!


The bristles are VERY soft and the handles are sturdy. I love how thick they are. This isn’t something that is usually found in brushes, but I love thick handles (that’s probably why I like bronzer brushes so much).


I’ve been using these brushes for several weeks, and I’ve already washed them once. They are SO GOOD! My favorite is actually the duo-fiber brush, which I’m loving with my MAC MSFs. This applies highlighter so flawlessly!

The flat-top foundation brush is amazing as well; it is every bit as good as the Sigma F80, if not better, because it is way easier to wash.

This is a quality brush set and worth every penny of $25. Definitely check it out if you can! 🙂


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2 Responses to Sonia Kashuk “Make a Face” Brush Set

  1. Meghan says:

    Can you believe I don’t have a single Sonia Kashuk brush?! Outrageous. That must be changed.


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