MAC True Love’s Kiss Lipstick


MAC’s Maleficent collection is out, at least online. I don’t live near a MAC store, so anything I want, I have to order. I was SO excited for the Maleficent collection when I first heard about it, but when the product list was released, I didn’t even know if I would bother with it. Of course, I could not resist a lipstick called ‘True Love’s Kiss’, so this is the one and only item I purchased from the collection.

The tube is black with the Maleficent wings logo on it, and has a shiny finish.

TLK5There’s a raindrop in the middle…it started raining when I was out taking pics! The color is not what I expected. I really like it!


True Love’s Kiss is an amplified finish and looks glossy on the lips. It is VERY pigmented!


MAC True Love’s Kiss, Viva Glam Rihanna, Ruby Woo, Just A Bite, Revlon Really Red


I really like this shade and you just can’t go wrong with a name like True Love’s Kiss! 🙂

Are you getting anything from this collection? I want the beauty powder, but I’m trying to resist since it seems similar to the Marilyn beauty powder released awhile back!

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2 Responses to MAC True Love’s Kiss Lipstick

  1. Ellen says:

    I thought there were some very usable products in this collection. They didn’t have to be used to create a dark, goth look like in the ad. The sculpt contour powder is something I use daily as contour, blush, eye shadow,etc. I had to order the disc online and then purchase a huge palette to house it in! So I was thrilled to see it offered in individual packaging. I ordered two, I hope it was enough! I also ordered the beauty powder, I’ve never used anything like it, so I was curious to see how it worked with the contour on my very fair skin. I was tempted by the eye shadow palette, but I probably have similar shades in my vast collection! It looked very practical though, with a gold, two really nice browns, and MAC’s well known black. I have the highlighter pen in the rose color, so I didn’t think I needed peach as well, but it is also a very versatile product. I much prefer this type of collection than the ones with multiple shimmery products in wild colors that I would never use. I’m still waiting for MAC to come up with the perfect peschy brown lipstick for all of us redheads out here, but I will settle for their appeasement of the pale community by adding three new NW pale shades to the amazing Mineralize Moisture foundation! Can’t wait to try them, but won’t do it online. That will have to wait until I can get to a store. Meanwhile, I eagerly await my new products in the mail.

    • MelissaC says:

      I have most of the shades in the quad already, but I think the quad looked great overall. Very usable, like you said. I also have the rose highlighter pen, and since we can get the peach one whenever, I didn’t feel like it was a major necessity at the time. You will love the beauty powder! I didn’t get it because it seems similar to Forever Marilyn, but believe me it is tempting! 🙂

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