MAC Sunset Beach & Ocean City Blushes


The MAC Proenza Schouler collection…where do I start? MAC had a massive mix-up with the launch and hundreds of people received the wrong items, including me. I ordered Ocean City, but instead received Sunset Beach. MAC did a great job of fixing the issue. Not only did I get to keep Sunset Beach, they sent me Ocean City with no extra charges or issues.

I love the packaging in this collection. It’s so beautiful, reflective, and unique! It’s mirrored so it was difficult to photography, but truly gorgeous.


Sunset Beach, Ocean City

I’ve seen many negative reviews on these blushes. Temptalia, the beauty blogger of all beauty bloggers, gave them an F rating. Having worn each of them, I can honestly say that I like them and don’t feel the quality is bad at all; however, I do believe there might possibly be duds out there, because that DOES happen. Also:

I wore Ocean City every day in a row for more than a week. I’m kind of obsessed with it.


Ocean City is a vibrant peach that fades into beige.


Sunset Beach is a deep pink rose that fades into light pink with a touch of lavender.


Swatched from the darkest spot, then mixed

I think the key to using these blushes effectively is to use a good brush. I actually went completely overboard on the blush one day by accident and had to really blend it out, so I definitely didn’t experience the non-pigmentation issue that I’ve seen others discuss.

I’m really happy with Ocean City and am so thrilled MAC was able to fix the shipping issue! I love Sunset Beach too, but Ocean City was definitely the one I wanted most, and I made a good choice.

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3 Responses to MAC Sunset Beach & Ocean City Blushes

  1. theoxfordowl says:

    These are so pretty! And that’s amazing customer service 🙂

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