Current Lippie Combo Obsession


Does anyone else do this? I go on kicks where I’m OBSESSED with a certain lip combination and wear it constantly. I’m currently having a moment with the Boots No. 7 lip liner in Nude (created by makeup artist amazingness goddess Lisa Eldridge), and MAC Altered Beige.


Nude, Altered Beige

I wrote about Altered Beige last summer when it was released with the Temperature Rising collection. If you missed out on it, Creme d’ Nude is similar (and my personal favorite lippie of all time).


Thrilling no, but I find this combination super flattering on my complexion, and think it would look good on just about everyone! The Boots lip liner is only $7 at Target and it is awesome. It glides right on and is long lasting, and NOT drying, which is always appreciated.

What are you wearing lately? Any favorites? 🙂

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8 Responses to Current Lippie Combo Obsession

  1. msbeautyguru says:

    This is so pretty!! :))

  2. Luchessa says:

    It’s kinda hard to find the right nude tone that wont make you look dead…but maybe i’m just not a big fan of nudes. I prefer pinkish or peachy ones, since they tend to make me look healthier. It’s funny how many compliments i get, when i wear a peachy blush & lip butter.
    But this No.7 brand does look really interesting to me. In case you have more products from the line, you’re welcome to do your top 3 by No.7 as a guest post 😉 hehe


  3. budziak says:

    I’ve never heard anything about Boots lip liners… I usually skip liners because they’re either too dry or too creamy but this one sounds like it would be worth checking out! I like this combo too, my lips are pretty pigmented too, so most nudes tend to wash me out. My fav combo right now is CG gloss balm pencil in Ballet Twist (prettiest sheer pale pink with warm golden shimmer) & a pale pink gloss, I’m trying to make pale pink work for my skin tone. Haha.

    • MelissaC says:

      Would you believe I don’t have any of the CG pencils? I always eye them though! I know what you mean about lip liners being drying. I like the MAC and NYX ones, both of which are on the dry side, but they just make lippies last so long! 🙂

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