EOTD With MAC Blues and Greens Palette


I have been using my MAC shadows a lot lately. Sometimes I forget just how much I love them. I have an “everyday” MAC palette with my favorite shadows on one side and blush on the other, so I decided to pull out this blue and green palette to give it some love!


Bottle green, Coquette, Vex, Brill

 I used the above shades with this look, and paired them with Maybelline’s Edgy Emerald Color Tattoo. I *just* picked up this Color Tattoo even though it has been out for awhile. I have more than enough cream shadows, but I was in the mood for color!


I really loved the outcome of this eye look, and the combination of colors. It was kind of a murky seawater look. I’m not some kind of eyeshadow wizard (obviously!), but I love playing with colors and seeing what happens.

How to achieve:

1- Apply Edgy Emerald all over the lid as a base.

2- Pack Bottle Green all over the lid.

3- Apply Coquette lightly in the crease.

4- Pat Vex on the center of the lid.

5- Brush Brill over the brow bone and into the inner corner of the eye.


I’ve been so into blues and greens lately! My hubby also likes when I wear green, so that helps. 😉 Brill is such an amazing color. I wish it wasn’t discontinued! There are many MAC dupe lists out there though, so I’m sure there’s SOMETHING that is similar.

What colors have you been using lately? I would love if you shared your favorite eyeshadows in the comments!

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