Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in Tanzanite Essence

RBR4*Sent for review

I have another product from Rouge Bunny Rouge for review today- the Devotion Ink Quartz eyeliner in the shade Tanzanite Essence, described as “medium blue ablaze with opalescent sparkle”. This is a unique “glitter eyeliner”, as it is made with artificial quartz instead of actual glitter.


A soft, water-based formula ensures tender application. We also added Borosilicates (‘Anthracite Essence’ does not include Borosilicates) – minute particles of artificial quartz that fill the formula with an incredible shine and shed a coquettish lustre onto the lines. The Eyeliner allows for high coverage, dries quickly, is super long-wear and has excellent skin compatibility. An elegant brush means you can apply both fine thin lines and passionate wide lines. You can use the Eyeliner alone or over your favourite eye pencils or eye shadows.


This is a beautiful eyeliner. The color truly does sparkle and really makes the eyes pop. The first time I wore it, I just used it with some neutral MAC shades, but it also looks amazing with other bright colors; I especially like it with silver.

RBRSee how it pops? My eyelashes look so flat! Eek!

I’ve never had an eyeliner quite like this one. It is very long-lasting; it lasted all day until I removed it. This is pretty expensive for an eyeliner- 28 Euros, or about $38 USD. Personally, I would not spend that much on an eyeliner because it isn’t one of my makeup necessities. I would much rather buy a blush at that price point; however, the eyeliner IS gorgeous and eyeliner junkies may love it.

One thing to make note of is that if you have sensitive eyes, this may not work for you. I did have a little bit of sensitivity when first applied (my eyes watered a little), but when it dried, I didn’t have any issues.

*Sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in Tanzanite Essence

  1. Meghan says:

    That is soooo pretty. But the price…ouch.

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