Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brigthening Mascara


Sorry, Smashbox, but the drugstore still does it better when it comes to mascara. Now that I’ve spoiled this review, I really do have a few things to say about it! This isn’t a bad mascara. I don’t hate it by any means; it’s just perfectly average.


Hey, bright eyes! Instantly curl your lashes by up to 100% with this triple-duty eye-opening mascara. The long-wearing formula of micas, titanium, and blue pigments makes the whites of your eyes pop, while Blue Prism Technology brightens for an open-eye effect. The innovative brush lifts every lash for a smudge-resistant, flake-proof finish.

bareeyeBare eye

One coat

Two coats

 This mascara is a blue-black color (like the hair dye). You can’t really tell unless you look at the wand in bright light. I like the idea of this mascara, but I didn’t find the performance to be anything great. It does a nice job lengthening and separating, but it doesn’t hold a curl at all, at least not on my lashes. BUT- hardly anything holds a curl on my lashes,  not even waterproof mascaras. As you can see in the second photo, my lashes are already starting to fall just moments after application.

There are things I like about this mascara. Yes, it IS long-wearing as the claims make, and it doesn’t smudge or flake.


The brush is pretty standard; it’s quite long and has thick bristles. I like the brush because it is on the smaller side.

This mascara is $20 and I don’t see myself purchasing the full-size. This mascara is also good for layering (I like it as the base coat).

Overall, it didn’t wow me, but it’s not bad. 🙂

Have you tried this mascara?

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