Fitness Friday: Second Half-Marathon Complete!


Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Fitness Friday post. I can’t believe that in August it will be a year since I started these! Last Saturday, I ran my second half marathon, the Bayshore. This is a wildly popular scenic race where the course is all along Lake Michigan. The half marathon sells out in minutes, but I was lucky enough to know someone who didn’t want to run it, and I purchased his bib at the last minute.

My father-in-law and sister-in-law also ran the half, while my brother-in-law ran the 10K. My hubby was also signed up for the 10K, but he is still not completely healed from his injury, so he deferred until next year.

This race was a lot different than Gazelle Girl. For one, I finished 8 minutes faster (2:43:26 was my net time) and I felt WAY stronger. I was definitely more prepared this time and was not debilitated with leg cramps. I had a strong finish and actually felt like I could have kept running!

The course itself was challenging and beautiful. We started the race going uphill on an incline. The first half mile was all uphill, which was a little intimidating. There were more hills after that, but they weren’t nearly as hard. We ran by some cherry vineyards and up a small hill overlooking the area. The view was incredible. I wish I had a camera with me, but I was running light so I didn’t want to take my phone.

I saw my husband at miles 1, 8, and 10, which really gave me some extra pep in my step! It is always a huge boost to see him. 🙂 OH- I did something really stupid during the race too! There were two areas that looked like the finish line, and the first was the start line. I totally thought that was the finish line because I couldn’t see it, and I actually stopped thinking I was done. There were people crowing the area too, and some guy pointed it out to me. I took off running toward the finish so I don’t think I wasted more than 30 seconds or so there. When I was truly done and looking for my family, I saw some other people do the same thing, so it wasn’t just me. 🙂

I feel really good about this race and am now thinking about my next running goal. I have a lot of races coming up this summer, but the next long one (10 miles) isn’t until August. My husband thinks I should try to run a marathon next year. We’ll see…never say never, right?

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