Buxom Stay There Shadow in Golden Retriever


I’ve been making a solid effort to shop my stash and enjoy old favorites, and also rediscover things I just flat-out haven’t used enough. I would include this shadow from Buxom in the latter category. What’s not to like about a shadow named Golden Retriever? I’ll be perfectly honest: YES, that is why I bought it, because I have a golden retriever.


I love the texture of these shadows. They’re very lightweight and fluffy, but highly pigmented and vibrant. Golden Retriever is described as a “vibrant copper red”. My golden girl is of the red variety, so I can’t help but love this. 🙂


My preferred way to use these shadows (I also have Saint Bernard), is to use them as bases. They are very easy to blend and can easily be worn alone as well.


One thing I like about these is that they still pop when used as a base. Some bases just end up being covered up, but layering with a sheerer shadow adds a gorgeous sparkle and sheen, but not in a glittery way.


This especially works with MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish shadows (see above).

These shadows are $18- a fair price for the quality. Have you tried them?


And here’s my golden retriever, Reagan. 🙂 Isn’t she cute? Now Buxom needs to come up with a border collie shade (they have Mutt, which is on my wishlist).

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