CK One Color Eyeshadow in Wipe Out


I haven’t tried much of the CK One Color line (awhile ago I reviewed a foundation sample), but it is sold in Ulta stores. I love the texture of the eyeshadows just from swatching in stores, so I decided to pick up this limited edition shade from the summer collection. This shade is called Wipe Out.


I really like the packaging of these shadows. The clear part on the top is magnifying, and it is housed in a cute bubble-type container that just slides open.


Wipe Out is a shimmery aqua green color. The texture is so smooth and nice. It’s pigmented, but not thick. It almost seems like a hybrid between a powder and mousse consistency, even though it isn’t a liquid.


Full sun


Natural light; shade


Wearing it

I really like this color and I’m impressed with how nice the formula is. I’ve read that the CK One quads are not good, but the single shadows have lovely textures. If I find another unique shade like Wipe Out, I would definitely purchase another one. They are $15 each and sold at Ulta, so they are on par with the price point of a MAC shadow (if you buy it the pan, anyway).

Have you tried anything from the CK Color line? What do you think of it?

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