Sampling Guerlain Meteorites!


A few months back, Sephora had Guerlain Meteorites as a deluxe sample with purchase. You can bet I jumped on that bandwagon considering all of the CRAZY hype around these pretty pearls. I’ve been reading about these for years, but was skeptical. I could not wait to try them!


Guerlain’s iconic handcrafted pearls have been reinvented with a boosted illuminating power. For the first time ever, Météorites’ Pearls incorporate Guerlain’s exclusive Stardust Technology, a spherical pigment contained within each pearl. This formulation diffracts light upon contact to envelop the skin in a halo of light. Each lightweight shade has a specific correcting action to offer women the ultimate in luminous skin.

These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only four people in the world.

Love that last tidbit. Interesting, right?


My sample is in shade 2 Clair, and it comes with one pearl in each color. I know a lot of people were disappointed in this sample size, but I had no problem getting it to work. I simply swirled a fluffy brush over them. Each pearl has a “job” to do on your skin:

  • Pink- Reveals glow
  • Yellow- Anti-dullness
  • Beige- Illuminates
  • White- Reflects light
  • Green- Anti-redness
  • Lavender- Catches the light

The pearls have a beautiful scent to them. It’s kind of a sweet floral; a touch of cotton candy with a hint of rose, perhaps? It isn’t strong, and I couldn’t smell it when I applied it to my face.


Mid-afternoon touch up with Meteorites

Ugh. I don’t want to like these, but I do! I swirled my brush over the pearls and swept all over my face as a setting powder, and I love how bright and refreshed my skin looks after using them. The pearls have shimmer and sheen, but it is VERY fine and simply adds a soft glow to the skin.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them? Do you prefer the Hourglass powders?

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6 Responses to Sampling Guerlain Meteorites!

  1. Meghan says:

    There’s no way I’d be able to use a product like this. It would take all of 3 seconds for these little balls to end up spilled on the floor, lol.
    Now the question is – do you prefer these or the Hourglass powders?


  2. budziak says:

    Guerlain products smell soooo good! It’s violet scented. Is it nerdy that I know that? Haha. I wanted it as a perfume but that signature scent has been discontinued as a perfume. Jealous that you got a hold of that sample size, it looks great! I still like BE mineral veil, probably more than Hourglass powders… Guerlain does have gorgeous compacts though… I wouldn’t mind having one… Someday!

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