Smashbox Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Topaz


Oh, beautiful Topaz. This cream eyeshadow has already been in my monthly favorites, but I just had to write a more thorough review. Described as “soft golden beige”, it is a shimmery, silvery taupe shade. I’ve had this since mid-March and have already made quite the dent in it!


I don’t have anything quite this color, which is why I added yet another cream eyeshadow to my makeup stash. I swatched it in store, and was truly smitten! As far as the “long wear” claim, this is definitely true. I love this either alone or as a base, as it does not budge!

topaz4Swatch in full sun


Burberry Pale Barley, Smashbox Topaz (shade swatches)

The only color I could think of that might be slightly similar to Topaz is Burberry Pale Barley, which is a little darker and also a powder, not a cream.

This performs in a similar capacity to Maybelline Color Tattoos, Mary Kay cream eyeshadow pots, and MAC paint pots. The biggest difference I have seen in low vs. high end cream shadows is that the drugstore variety tends to dry up faster, and they do not have as much of a variety (at least in the case of MAC paint pots).

Since this color is unique compared to other cream shadows that I have found, I’m really pleased with it. It is especially complementary to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (my favorite palette).

Smashbox cream shadows contain .17 ounces of product, the same as MAC paint pots. Maybelline Color Tattoos contain a little less at .14 ounces.

I would definitely buy this again and it has quickly become a MUST HAVE in my makeup arsenal. The last two times I went out of town, I even brought this with me instead of MAC Groundwork! 🙂

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2 Responses to Smashbox Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Topaz

  1. budziak says:

    Interesting. I love that you added that bit about how it compares to Maybelline’s creams and that it goes well with Naked 2. I’ve been trying to find a good base for Naked 2, although I’ve been using Basics a lot lately. If you have enough Burberry to do a favorites post, you should! I’d be interested in seeing your review on Burberry as a brand, I can’t get enough of that classic Burberry check pattern! Ever since I saw Temptalia’s review on a gorgeous medium pink lipstick, I’ve been curious about Burberry.

    • MelissaC says:

      I wish I had more Burberry! I’m thinking of picking up some more eyeshadows; right now I just have the one. 🙂 Topaz is definitely amazing with Naked 2. I always use them together!

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