Fitness Friday: Run or Dye Color Run


Last Sunday, I participated in my first color run, Run or Dye. I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but it looked fun in their promo images and Instagram tags. The race had a really positive environment, and I was impressed with the emcee’s engagement with the crowd. He talked about the origins and message of the Run or Dye race, thanked veterans, and then the National anthem played before the race. I always appreciate this, especially since my brother is in the US Navy.

In the race packet, you’re given a bag of dye. Mine was a hot coral pink color, but I ended up giving it to a little kid, because I was running alone. Throughout the race, there were different dye stations where people throw the dye at you as you run through it. The “dye” is finely milled powder, not liquid. I expected it to stain, but only ONE color stained (pink, FYI), so now that I’ve washed my clothes, they just look silly, because there’s pink dye all over the armpit, and the rest of the shirt is white! 🙂 I’ll just save it for the next color run since I’m sure this one wasn’t the last!

Another thing to note about the dye is that it removed my faux tan, so now I have weird spots where the dye was. Not a big deal, but maybe someone else will benefit from this information. 🙂

I ended up buying a REALLY cute shirt from their booth that I love. The race packet is great, but they sell a lot of adorable shirts, socks, and other accessories with their logos.

I had fun and would do it again, but it is definitely one of those things that is more fun with a friend. It is also a great race for someone who has never run a race before. It isn’t timed, and the majority of the people there were run-walking. There actually weren’t that many people running at all. A lot of people were there for their first 5K, which is always fun to see.

I’m running a 10 mile race in the same city in August, so this was a great time to get some hill practice for that terrain. 🙂

Have you ever done a color run before? Which one have you participated in?

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