My Top Ten MAC Brushes


While I don’t have every MAC brush out there, I have enough to write about my top ten. 🙂 MAC is known for having high quality brushes, and while they are expensive, I’ve found that the majority of them are definitely worth that high price tag.


In no particular order:

  • 228
  • 239
  • 286
  • 167SE
  • 215
  • 242
  • 217
  • 159
  • 168
  • Oval 6



The 228 mini shader brush is an awesome little detailing brush that I like for precise crease work, as well as blending out shadow on the lower lash line.

I’ve mentioned the 239 eye shader brush before, but I just can’t live without it! It looks dented in the photos, but that’s just shadows playing off of the ferrule. Nothing compares to how this puppy packs on shadow!

The 286 brush is a duo-fiber tapered blending brush. I LOVE this for the crease and it blends so beautifully!

The 167SE brush is perfect for blush thanks to the size and blending power. I travel with this quite often, and use it for bronzer too.


The 215 brush is one that I have reviewed before. This is a medium shader brush that works especially well with pressed pigments and regular pigments. I love how dense it is!

The 242 shader brush is my favorite for paint pots. It also works well for regular powder eyeshadows.

Ah, the 217. Do we need to even talk about this? This is the greatest blending brush on earth. If I could have just ONE high end brush and use drugstore for the rest, THIS would be it. This is my must-have brush. I use it daily! I have two, but want to pick up one more.

The 159 brush was a limited edition brush (hate…why!?), which is unfortunate, because it is PERFECT for applying mineralize skinfinishes. It is a duo fiber brush and also applies blush nicely.

The 168 large-angled contour brush is probably my favorite brush for blush. I like that it is smaller than most blush brushes. It works for everything from blush, highlighter, contouring, and applying bronzer.

Finally, the Oval 6 brush, which is one of the “toothbrush” style brushes. The Masterclass brushes are designed to make application easier when makeup is applied to YOU as opposed to applying it to someone else. I LOVE this brush and think it is incredible. It makes my foundation look amazing, and I also love it for applying cream blush. I think it works better with medium to full-coverage foundations compared to thinner formulas. For example, I prefer it for when I’m wearing Matchmaster, but not Face and Body. I am not completely sure if these are permanent or not, but they have been around for awhile. I will probably get another Oval 6 brush as a back up. 🙂

I hope this was helpful to you! If you have any questions about MAC brushes I can try to answer them. 🙂 If I had to recommend one brush from MAC, it is the 217! 🙂

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