Missha Cleansing Oil Sample Review


This Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil sample from Missha is quite nice. This is very different from the Garnier cleansing oil that just came to market in the US. It has a light smell that is only noticeable to me when I hold it right up to my nose, and is thin in consistency. The Garnier cleansing oil is quite thick compared to this.


Light and refreshing cleansing oil with cherry blossom scent cleanses and easily removes heavy makeup and impurities, while providing the benefit of pore care. Get a fresh finish without the oily residue. Contains cherry blossom extract to nourish and exfoliate the skin, while reducing the appearance of pores.

This is definitely light and refreshing as the description claims, and it did easily take my makeup off. I didn’t use it on the eyes because I still had my contacts in at the time. In my experience thus far, cleansing oil and contacts do not mix. I actually had to throw them out because of Garnier!

I can’t say that this reduced the appearance of pores, but I enjoyed using it. I wiped off the excess oil after use and didn’t feel the need to wash my face again, as it felt quite clean!

This retails for $16 on Missha’s website, which is a fair price for how it works. Do you like cleansing oils?

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