Mary Kay At Play Bold Fluid Eyeliners!


Today I have two Mary Kay liquid eyeliners to review! The colors I have are Blue My Mind and The Real Teal. True to their name, they are bold. I’m not the best with liquid eyeliner, but I’m so glad that I tried these, because they are so user friendly!


Instead of a flexible brush, the tip is very firm, making precise application easy (I forgot to take a photo! I’m sorry!!). It has a pointed end that looks like the Real Techniques silicone eyeliner brush, only it doesn’t bend.

MK2Blue My Mind, The Real Teal

The liners are not irritating to my eyes. While they set and do not budge after they dry, there is a small window of time where you can smudge out the color if you wish. I tried this on my lower lash line and liked the effect.

MK1Wearing Blue My Mind and the world’s worst mascara sample

It is easy to create a precise line, just as the description says, but it is also easy to draw a thicker line. I did not experience any transferring, smudging, or flaking while wearing this eyeliner, which is a huge plus.

Overall, I love these eyeliners! I purchased these from my BFF, who is a Mary Kay consultant. She is just getting started, so it makes me happy to be supporting her. 🙂

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