Maybelline Master Bronzer in Paradise Bronze


I mentioned this bronzer in my Maybelline Bleached Neons picks post, but thought it was worthy of its own review. There aren’t many selections for drugstore bronzers out there, in my humble opinion. I had cult classic NYC Sunny, and while it is okay, I personally didn’t find it “mind blowing”. Revlon Bronzed and Chic is sadly discontinued, though you can still find it at discount shops here and there. Jane Cosmetics has great bronzers, but they are only available at Ulta. Anyway, this Maybelline bronzer is limited edition (of course) and the quality is fantastic.



This has the same quilted pattern as the Hi-Light blushes, and the same soft texture. One thing I like about the texture is that although it could truly be described as “buttery”, it doesn’t have a lot of fall out. It is easy to pick up with a brush, and easy to blend.


Paradise Bronze, MAC Sun Dipped, NARS Laguna, MAC Refined Golden, Jane Dream

The color is a warm and subtle brown with a touch of terracotta. It is actually quite similar to MAC Refined Golden. The big difference is that Refined Golden isn’t matte, and it is a touch warmer.

If you can still find it, this is a highly affordable bronzer ($8) and the quality is really nice! It is highly pigmented and provides a nice glow to the skin. Paradise Bronze is the darkest bronzer in the Bleached Neons collection as well.

What is your favorite bronzer?

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