Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach, Shark Bait, and Dirty Martini


I recently picked up some new Makeup Geek eyeshadows, including two that were new releases: Barcelona Beach, Shark Bait, and Dirty Martini.


I used Dirty Martini for a 5K where I dressed like Poison Ivy. It is pigmented, but because it blends so well, I really had to pack it onto my lid. This wasn’t a problem, but I felt like I wasn’t getting quite as “green” as I wanted to be.

Barcelona Beach is the kind of color that makes me swoon! It is a beautiful medium brown blending shade. A lot of people use these colors in the crease, but it’s still gorgeous for all over the lid, too.

Shark Bait is a beautiful teal color. I think this is pretty unique for an eyeshadow color!


Swatches in FULL sun


Shade swatches- these give a better idea for pigmentation

Once again, I’m happy with my selection from Makeup Geek. I’m sure these won’t be the last shadows I purchase from MUG. 🙂 I mentioned this in a previous post, but since I live in Michigan, I love being able to support people who are working in Michigan (these ship out of Jackson). That is a huge selling point of MUG for me.

Has anyone out there tried the blushes yet? That’s next on my list!


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