Review: Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set


Hello! I recently spent ten days out of town WITHOUT my MAC 239 and 217. Can you believe it? I made the sacrifice in order to test out this Sephora Look Smart Travel Brush Set ($18). This set comes with five brush heads and one handle that joins to each head with a magnet. This set comes with the following brushes:

  • – Concealer brush head
  • – Angled liner brush head
  • – Pointed liner brush head
  • – Shadow brush head
  • – Crease brush head


The pouch has a magnetic closure. I didn’t have any trouble getting this to stay shut while traveling.


The inside is hot pink and it has two plastic flaps that protect the brushes. The material is very easy to wipe off should it get dirty from makeup, which was a concern of mine.

brushset4Liner brush, shadow brush, concealer brush


Angled liner brush and crease brush


Full brush

I’m quite impressed with this little set. It is not only great for travel, but it would make a nice addition to your purse if you need to touch up during the day (or night). I used this set with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, Anastasia Brow Powder, and MAC Groundwork paint pot. I used the concealer brush daily for the paint pot, and I didn’t have any problems with it being unclean in the pouch.

The shader brush, while not the greatest, worked just fine for my shadow. I did find that it lacked some of the control I’m used to, but nothing unbearable or anything. The concealer brush also works well for packing on shadow.

I used the angled liner brush daily for my brows, but did not use the pointed liner brush at all. I think this would be great for inner corner work and of course liner, but I wasn’t being very precise while I was gone, so I just didn’t need it.

The fluffy blending brush was OK. It isn’t the 217, but what is? It’s not even fair to compare the two. The real question is this: is it workable? Yes, it is. I like the petite size of the brush head for precise application, but it isn’t the best blender out there.

Overall, I think this set is priced well and it is worth the money, especially if you travel lightly. I will definitely get more use out of this little set and am happy with my purchase. 🙂

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