Milani Mediterranean Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara


Milani currently has a limited edition collection out with three blue mascaras, a blue nail polish, and a blue lipstick. Aptly named the Bella Blue collection, I was surprised to see this at my local Meijer. Usually my store does not get these LE collections; it’s very hit or miss. I decided to pick up a mascara in Mediterranean Blue ($3.99), which is a light blue with a hint of teal.

In the past, I haven’t been very impressed with colored mascara. They deposit color, but yet don’t do anything for the lashes, at least in my experience.


The mascara has an elongated, rubber brush with small bristles. I like brushes like this since it is so easy to get to the lashes.


Unfortunately, I don’t like how this mascara makes my lashes look or feel. Here, I applied the mascara all over my lashes like normal; I think it would probably work better only at the tips. This mascara made my lashes look sparse and crispy, and they felt crispy, too!

This mascara is very pigmented, but it didn’t do anything to my lashes to make them better. Of course, it doesn’t claim to do that either, so it’s not exactly misleading. I’m going to keep working with this mascara though- it would even be fun on some false lashes!

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