NYC Brand Makeup Haul + BIG DUD


I admit, NYC is one of my least favorite makeup brands. They were recently 40% off at Rite Aid and there was a limited edition summer collection that looked super pretty, so I bought a few things in a moment of weakness! I think I paid around $10 for everything you see above. Everything but the lipstick is from the City Samba collection.

I’ve used the Sun ‘n’ Bronze products before, and I know they are one of the better items in the line. The dark brown with coral is called Coral Samba. The lighter one is called Rosa Rio. Coral Samba is really beautiful and versatile, but I don’t see myself getting much use out of Rosa Rio, because it’s definitely not going to work as a blush or bronzer on me, but rather a highlighter.

nyc3Swatches: Guava lip gloss, Forever Fuchsia lipstick, Individual Coral Samba shades + all mixed, Individual Rosa Rio swatches + all mixed

I also picked up one of the glosses in Guava. This color is SO gorgeous and pigmented! I’m really happy with it! I also like the nail polish that I grabbed from the line: Carnival Red. It is super bright and dries quickly.


The major DUD is this lipstick in Forever Fuchsia. Look how discolored it is! I couldn’t see into the tube enough to tell that the bottom was darker, and I obviously didn’t give it a thought or look it up beforehand. I don’t know…even though in the swatch I like the color, it obviously isn’t the color it should be. I’m either going to cut it to get an idea of the true color, or I’m just going to toss it. The discoloration really turns me off from using it for some reason, and I’m not usually queasy about those sorts of things. Anyway, that was a disappointment, but for how little I paid, I’m over it. 😉

My favorites from this little haul are Coral Samba, Carnival Red, and Guava. 🙂

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