Limited Edition One Direction Makeup Kit


Just when I thought One Direction couldn’t possibly be anywhere else, they come up with a makeup line. I love the song “Story of My Life” because it totally reminds me of my life in animal rescuing, but other than that I can’t even tell you what they sing! :O Anyway, I was sent this set from Brandbacker. I wish I knew more about it, because at this point I don’t even have a price point. It comes in a nice tin that I probably would have swooned over if I was a teenybopper. 😀 If this was NKOTB I would probably just die. I even still have my Joey doll. Moving on…


I received the “Up All Night” set, which is mostly blue tones and hot pink lip products. This also comes with a pack of stencils, which I meant to use, but completely forgot about! I did give the makeup products a go and have a few thoughts about them.

OD9Swatches- lip gloss, lipstick, cream eye pencil, eyeshadow quint


Quint up close

The eyeshadow palette is decently pigmented. The glittery blue shade in the middle is a cream, and quite honestly is pretty terrible. It is hard to control. The shadows are pretty smooth overall, with the light aqua blue shade being the most pigmented. The blue cream eyeshadow stick is really pigmented, but it fades quickly.


I decided to go heavy on everything in the kit, just for fun. After all, this is for a band, and this might be fun to wear out to a concert, right??




My favorite item in the kit is the lipstick. I genuinely LOVE this lipstick. It is so bright! It applies smoothly and it doesn’t have a weird smell. I like the color of the lip gloss (I’m wearing it over the lipstick here), but it is a little gritty.

One Direction’s makeup will be sold at Macy’s. I’m not sure of a price point yet. This kit is surprisingly decent for what it is. The shadows aren’t super long lasting, but I think this would be a fun gift for someone who is in their early teens and totally loves the band. I know I would have loved something like this when I was a young girl!

You can find out more about this line on Facebook.

*Sent for review. All opinions are my own.


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3 Responses to Limited Edition One Direction Makeup Kit

  1. I didn’t care for the line. The eye shadow faded so fast on me and the lipstick was so chalky, though the color is cool. And yes, if this were an NKOTB line, I’d be all up in it.

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