Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Brown (Out) Review


I’m finally dipping my toes into the Marc Jacobs beauty line a little more. This eye pencil was recently available for a 100-point perk, so I decided to pick it up. This shade is “Brown(Out)”, which is bronze with shimmer. I’m so glad the perk was brown and not black, because I prefer brown eye pencils. 🙂

Can we discuss the packaging for a moment? It is SO nice. It’s super sleek and just a joy to look at and touch…that sounds totally creepy and weird, but it is beautiful.

MJH3Color in sunlight

I LOVE this pencil. This is a seriously fantastic eyeliner. I’ve worn it every day since I got it, and that was a few weeks ago now! This just GLIDES onto my eyes, which is no easy task for me. My eyelids are 33 years old, so they aren’t the smoothest on the block. 😉 I don’t like eyeliners that create any sort of struggle. If they do, I’m done with them. Happily, this is super easy to apply.

This also stays on all day. It doesn’t transfer or fade, but it is still easy to remove. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all either.

MJH2Color in shade

The full size eyeliner is $25. I really love this product, but am not fully convinced I would spend that much on an eyeliner when I am a huge fan of the Jane eyeliners that are only $6. If you are an eyeliner junkie, this is definitely worth trying. When I use up this one we’ll see if I can’t live without it!

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