Mint Patent Tieks Review!


Here’s a very important fact about me: I only wear comfortable shoes. Since we spend so much time on our feet throughout our lifetimes, I don’t skimp on footwear. I have found that I also spend less money on shoes overall by investing in quality pairs. My go-to brands are Dansko, Born, and Hunter (boots), but now I’m adding Tieks to that list!


My friend has two pairs of Tieks, and we wear the same size, so I was able to try them on first to check the size. True to my typical size, I wear an 8 in Tieks. I had a hard time deciding on what color to get, so I went with the mint ones after seeing how gorgeous my friend’s pair is! I was impressed with the shipping time, the packaging, and the overall presentation. First, they come in a beautiful teal box with a cute flower rubber band holding it together.


Inside of the box, there’s the shoes folded up, a dustbag for the shoes, and another handy collapsible bag for taking along in your purse, etc. Everything is very well packaged and contained.


Here’s the color I chose! Not the most practical color in the world, but I have enough practical shoes. 😉


They also hand write a note for your order. Isn’t that cute and nice?

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.22.30 PM

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the photo above of my friend Amanda and I wearing our matching shoes!

Now that the cuteness is out of the way, let’s talk about the practical part. These shoes are $195, so they are an investment. This also includes free shipping and free returns if need be. They are made out of Italian leather, so they aren’t vegan. That said, they do have a vegan line.

I bought these with our future Disney trip in mind. I need something that I can walk around in all day long that will remain comfortable. So far, I find these extremely comfortable. I have very flat feet, so it’s difficult for me to find something I can walk around all day in.

So far, I love these shoes and I definitely want another pair, but my color wishlist is so long! Matte black, ballerina pink, coral…AH!

What are your favorite comfy but cute shoes? Any recommendations?

Links of interest (not affiliate links, just helpful pages):

Tieks FAQ page
Mint Patent Tieks



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