Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone


WHY? Why did I have to get sucked into the world of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks? Now, when I saw Sandstone, that was it for me. I HAD TO HAVE IT. Look at that amazingly beautiful marbled packaging. I purchased mine from QVC, where it is still available. It is also available at Nordstrom and Bobbi Brown’s website, but if you like it, pounce, because it’s limited edition (doesn’t that figure?).

I have one other shimmer brick (Nectar), which I really love. This one is a whole other level of love.


This is a warm-toned shimmer brick with beige, bronze, and brown tones. Surprisingly, this little number gives me a fantastic contoured look without even trying; perfect for someone who rarely spends time contouring. It is highly shimmery, but nothing a little blending and a light hand won’t take care of.


From the bottom up:

Row 1: Bronzed brown
Row 2: Rose gold
Row 3: Shimmering tan
Row 4: Peach beige
Row 5: Shimmering cream
Row 6: All shades mixed

This shimmer brick is particularly useful to me, because I would have no problem wearing these colors as eyeshadows! I do prefer it as a highlighter though- not gonna lie, I was like Narcissus staring into the pond when I wore this for the first time. Call me HOOKED!


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8 Responses to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone

  1. anastasiias says:

    You wrote exactly what I was thinking about..That it looks like proper eyeshadow palette:))

  2. tashasface says:

    So expensive but so difficult to resist – I want them all! My shimmer brick in Nectar is one of the most important pieces in my collection!

  3. Luchessa says:

    Wow now that one reminds me A LOT of the Essence Sun Club Allover Shimmer for Eyes, Face & Body (for blondes). Have you had the chance to try it as well? I know Essence is being sold in the US.

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