Smashbox Master Class 3 Palette Review


The Smashbox Master Class 3 palette ($65) is a limited edition, two-palette makeup set that comes with 32 shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 bronzer, 1 contouring powder, 3 blushes, blank face charts, and a “get the look” book with 4 looks. I do have the Smashbox Wondervision palette from last Christmas, but other than that, I haven’t purchased other Master Class palettes or any of the Photo Op palettes from Smashbox; therefore, I can’t compare previous palettes! 🙂


What originally attracted me to this palette is the fact that there aren’t any cream products in it. It’s only powder. The palette opens like a book, and each section of color is removable.


There are hinges on the top and bottom that allow you to just pop the palette out.


There is a clear door on each side that flips up, which is nice because these protect the palettes.


This is the color side, which includes the blushes.


This is the neutral side, with the contouring powders on the bottom.


A selection of swatches: Topaz, Golden Orchid, Ambient, Nude, Rosy, Violet, Ivy, Lilac, and Serpent.


Contour powders and blushes: Contour, Bronzer, Highlighter, Carnation, Flush, Rosy

The quality of the shadows is consistent, and pigmented. They are highly blendable and soft; because of this, they tend to have a little bit of fallout. If you’re not one who spends a lot of time blending, this might be a good palette for you, because it is truly effortless to blend these shadows, blushes, and contour powders.


Simple gray eye look with Pebble, Smoke, and Vanilla


Wearing Rosy blush, Highlight, and Bronzer

Although the palette may seem too bulky for travel, I brought it out of town a couple times and didn’t have a problem with it being too big. It fit perfectly in my train case, and I was still able to fit all of my other toiletries (moisturizer, deodorant, contact solution, etc.) without running out of space.

I’ve been out of town a few times since purchasing this palette, and I reached for this every single time, just because it is so convenient! 🙂 This palette also hasn’t left my vanity, and I usually switch things around every week or so. My favorite shadow is Topaz; Rosy (the eyeshadow) is also really unique!

I am really happy with this palette, and think it is a steal for what you get in it. 🙂

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