MAC Cream Colour Bases Swatches + Overall Review


Hello! It’s been a few days…Today I have six Cream Colour Bases from MAC to share with you. I purchased all of these and some I have mentioned before, but I thought it would be fun to show all of them in one batch with some overall thoughts about them. 🙂

Cream Colour Bases are very versatile. They can be used on cheeks, lips, eyes, and layered over powder, moisturizer, or foundation. There is one shade that isn’t recommended for eyes (Improper Copper- not seen here).


I have six shades:

  • Hush (soft peach with icy shimmer, permanent)
  • Shell (soft pink beige with shimmer, permanent)
  • Pearl (pale gold with icy shimmer, permanent)
  • Virgin Isle (vivid bright coral, permanent)
  • Breaking Ground (light iridescent mauve, limited edition) <Still available
  • Diamonds (golden shimmer cream, limited edition)

ccb4Diamonds, Pearl, Breaking Ground, Hush, Shell, Virgin Isle

My first Cream Colour Base was Shell and it is still a favorite. I wear this as a highlight, but it makes a nice fast and easy eyeshadow color too.

Diamonds is a larger size and it was part of Rhianna’s holiday release last year. I did a post about how this is similar to Benefit’s Watts Up.

Breaking Ground is from the Artificially Wild collection and still available. It’s a mauve lilac color. To be honest I have not worn this yet but after writing this post you can bet I’ve taken it out to use. I’m thinking I’m going to wear it as a blush and layer it with a powder blush.

Hush is one that I just reviewed and is a major favorite for me! 🙂

Virgin Isle– If I remember correctly, I bought this based on Zenorah’s recommendation. I wore this a lot in the summer. If you love coral, this is a fantastic cream blush!

Pearl is one that I wanted for a long time after having a sample of it. Finally, I found it at the CCO, so I bought it right away. If you like pale gold highlights, this one is really beautiful.

I love all of these and have been trying really hard to resist the Cream Colour Bases released with the MAC Brooke Shields collection! 🙂

These are $22 at MAC, but when they are at the CCO, they’re around $13, so it’s worth checking there if you are near one.

Have you tried these? What are your favorite shades?

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3 Responses to MAC Cream Colour Bases Swatches + Overall Review

  1. Erin says:

    I’m so glad you did a review of all of them! I’m still in love with “Hush.” Haven’t seen the Brooke Sheilds collection yet. Hey, what’s a CCO?

    • MelissaC says:

      Cosmetics Company Outlet. They are a discount makeup shop owned by Estee Lauder, so any brands under that umbrella are sold there. Bobbi Brown, MAC, etc. 🙂

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