MAC Make You Mine Prolongwear Blush


MAC Make You Mine blush is from the Prolongwear line and I believe a new addition to the line. I purchased it in pan form and added it to one of my MAC blush palettes. When I saw the description, “dirty salmon”, I didn’t even bother looking for swatches! As predicted, I love it!

Y2MAC Coppertone, MAC Make You Mine, MAC Ripe Peach, MAC Sweet as Cocoa, NARS Gilda, NARS Madly

The Prolongwear blush line is very pigmented and as the name implies, long lasting. Make You Mine is kind of a burnt orange mauve color with a satin finish.

Y3Wearing Make You Mine- blended maybe a little too much!

If you are a fan of peach blushes, or brown-toned blushes like I am, I recommend checking out this color! When you purchase it in pan form ($19), you can save a little bit of money compared to purchasing it in the compact ($26). The Prolongwear blush line is long-lasting and the colors are very vibrant. I think this would be great on a variety of skin colors. If you’re very fair, use a light hand!

Make You Mine is currently living in my peach toned blush palette, but I’m thinking it might move up to my “every day” MAC palette soon!

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3 Responses to MAC Make You Mine Prolongwear Blush

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  2. Sandy says:

    This blush looks so pretty, don’t know why I have overlooked it before. Do you remember what lipstick you are wearing in this picture because I love it, thanks!

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