Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Technopagan Lip Tar


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Technopagan Lip Tar is an intensely pigmented metallic lip tar that is just irresistible in its boldness. Mesmerized when I saw swatches, I just couldn’t see myself ever wearing this, but the more reviews I read, the more drawn in I was. I ended up purchasing both the lip tar and the nail polish!


A color like this takes patience to apply, so it’s a bit of a high maintenance color, especially if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have the most defined lip lines. Luckily, the brush that comes with the lip tar is very useful and makes it easy to apply. It has a minty smell that fades with wear, and a satin finish that eventually dries to a more matte feel. I didn’t find this drying or particularly difficult to apply; I also didn’t find that it bled as much as I thought it would without a lip liner, but I’ll probably pick up a clear lip liner to wear with it.


Technopagan is very cool-toned (as evidenced with the clashing of my scarf above! ;)); it is truly a “blurple” color. Although it may seem like an unwearable color, I was actually surprised at how comfortable I felt in it! Yes, it’s bold, but it’s fun, which is what makeup should be! 🙂 You’ll probably get some weird looks wearing it (I know I will, given where I live), but what can ya do about haters? 😉

This color is so eye catching and beautiful, that I think it is definitely worth picking up if you are thinking about it. There are a million pinks and reds out there, but a color like Technopagan doesn’t come along every day. It is truly stunning and I can’t wait to wear this more!

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